Online Classes With Loveday!

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JOIN my online Improvers Level Upwards Belly Dance classes

to have fun and dance your way through the rest of 2020!

From Sept 8th 2020, for £15 a month subscription, you get:

  • A weekly live class at 8.15pm to 9.15pm every Tuesday via Zoom (except for December and August)

    • Starting with a warm up, stretches and isolations​

    • Followed by a choreography or a technique session

    • Finishing with a cool down

  • Recordings of classes available to download for catch up online afterwards

  • A warm up, stretches and cool down pre recorded and available to download for you to use outside of class for your own practice sessions

  • Pre-recorded classes available to download during December and August (one choreography per month broken down into 4 bite size classes)


Our focus will be Egyptian Style Belly Dance including Oriental, Pop, Baladi and Shaabi. Over time we may also include some Khaleegy, Saiidi, Nubian, Props Work and fun Fusion.


Live classes will be done from my home and I will keep in mind that you are working in a limited space at home too!

To subscribe to my Zoom classes with Paypal

simply click HERE!

Once you have paid I will send you the Zoom link for class a day or so before each class using the email address you use for PayPal unless otherwise advised.  Please read the terms and conditions below before subscribing!

Online classes will continue throughout 2020 and be reviewed at the beginning of 2021

Online Classes T's & C's:

- Please ensure when you dance at home you are fit to dance, if you have any health conditions that may be relevant please check with your GP first
- If you are pregnant please check with your GP before taking part in the online classes
- Please check your dance space before dancing and remove any objects around you that may be a hazard to your safety.  Choose a space where you can move your arms and legs freely without bumping into furniture.  Wear appropriate footwear for the surface you are dancing on
- Please do not chew while dancing and please attend class sober
- Please warm up and stretch before taking part if you are late to class
- Please cool down after dancing if you have to leave class early
- If a move hurts please do not continue to do it and let me know there is a problem so I can give you a pain free alternative
- Wear something comfy and easy to move around in, I recommend leggings and a t-shirt.  We usually dance bare foot but you can also wear dance pumps if it's better on the floor you are dancing on

- Live classes will be paused during August and December and instead there will be 4 pre-recorded classes provided in each of these months.  These will cover one choreography per month and be available to download. Monthly payments will continue so you can participate all year round or you can chose to cancel your payment if you do not wish to continue during these months and re-start it when you are ready

- If payment is not received when due, access to class will be suspended until further payment is received for continued class membership

- Classes are aimed at Improver level upwards and are not suitable for complete beginners

- Subscriptions can be cancelled via your PayPal account at any time, if left they will renew on the same date the following month as your subscription started. No refunds will be given for monies already paid

- If a class is severely disrupted or cannot continue due to internet connection issues at my end or technical difficulties I will either reschedule the class for later in the week or record the class and make it available for download later in the week

- Please be respectful to one another during class and do not record the sessions yourself or share the recordings provided to non-members