Online Classes With Loveday!

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JOIN my online Improvers Level Upwards Belly Dance classes

to have fun and dance your way through 2020!

For £15 a month you get:

  • A weekly live choreography class at 8.15pm every Tuesday via Zoom (except for August and December)

  • Recordings of classes available for catch up online afterwards

  • Warm ups, stretches and cool downs

  • New content released during the month to watch when it suits you!

    • Easy to fit in 5 minute focus sessions on technique​ from core to layering

    • Follow along sessions to a range of music/styles

    • Links to songs, videos and playlists

Our focus will be Egyptian Style Belly Dance including Oriental, Pop, Baladi and Shaabi. Over time I'll also include some Khaleegy, Saiidi, Nubian, Props Work and fun Fusion.


Content and live classes will be done from my home (no professional studio lighting and space I'm afraid!) and I will keep in mind that you are working in a limited space at home too!

To join with Paypal simply click HERE!

Once you've paid you'll be able to set yourself up a login.  Once that's approved then you'll have access to all previously published content and new content as and when it's released.  Your renewal date will be the same date the following month.

Online classes will continue throughout 2020 and be reviewed at the beginning of 2021

Online Classes T's & C's:

- Please ensure when you dance at home you are fit to dance, if you have any health conditions that may be relevant please check with your GP first
- If you are pregnant please check with your GP before taking part in the online classes
- Please check your dance space before dancing and remove any objects around you that may be a hazard to your safety.  Choose a space where you can move your arms and legs freely without bumping into furniture.  Wear appropriate footwear for the surface you are dancing on
- Please do not chew while dancing
- Please warm up and stretch before taking part in any tutorials that do not involve a warm up and stretch
- Please cool down after dancing
- If a move hurts please do not continue to do it
- Wear something comfy and easy to move around in, I recommend leggings and a t-shirt.  We usually dance bear foot but you can also wear dance pumps if it's better on the floor you are dancing on

- Live classes will be paused during August and December but other new content will still be added online during these times

- If payment is not received membership will be suspended until payment is received