This is the place to find out more about my Belly Dance Classes and Events!

I'm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire where I perform solo as 'Loveday' and you can join my regular Belly Dance classes in Guiseley. 


I discovered Belly Dance in 2000 when I was looking for something fun to do to keep fit. Since then I've never looked back.  Belly Dance is a wonderful dance form with an exciting range of music and styles to fit every mood and feeling.  For students it's a fabulous way to have fun, exercise, build self-confidence and get absorbed in a fascinating culture.  For an audience it is a vibrant and captivating performance art which can bring fun and excitement to any event!


I want to share the joys of learning and watching Belly Dance and get more people up and dancing!

Loveday Leeds Belly Dancer

Loveday Leeds Belly Dancer photo by Mark Hurd