Learn to Belly Dance with Loveday!
Come and Learn Bellydance with me at:
Starlight Academy, The Dance Mill, Netherfield Rd, Guiseley, LS20 9PD - http://www.starlightacademy.co.uk/
Tuesdays 7.15-8.15pm – Beginners £6 per class or 5 consecutive classes for £20
Tuesdays 8.15-9.15pm – Improvers to Intermediates £6 per class or 5 consecutive classes for £20
Tuesdays 9.15-10.15pm – Performers, courses run in blocks, email for more details
Improvers/Intermediate Technique - Private Lessons available on request, For more info contact: 07710 403 742 or email loveday.bellydance@googlemail.com
Want to learn to Bellydance?
Belly Dance classes are ideal for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness.
What is Bellydance?
Belly dance is a type of Arabic Dance and is both a celebration of the female spirit and a physical display of the strength and beauty of women. The term 'belly dance' is said to come from the French 'danse du ventre' - dance of the stomach - a phrase coined at the turn of the century after the introduction of Raqs Sharqi at the Chicago World Trade Fair in 1893 by a dancer known as 'Little Egypt'.
The dance involves the isolation of the upper and lower body using muscle control to create dynamic moves alongside what I like to call oozy moves! Travelling, spins and turns are also key parts of the dance making bellydance an exciting and exhilarating dance form to learn. Don't worry if it sounds complicated, Bellydance was designed for women and the unique way our bodies move and can be adapted to whatever your individual body is capable of!
The term Arabic Dance includes Bellydance in it's umbrella but also covers other more folkloric styles such as Khaleegy, Debke and Nubian etc.
What are the benefits of Bellydance?
There are lots of benefits of attending regular bellydance classes. Bellydance can help you to improve your fitness and loose weight but more importantly classes are fun, social and exciting. Bellydancing is a great way of embracing your body and classes are supportive and friendly. Many students see classes as a treat to give themselves a bit of 'me' time!
What will I learn?
Classes include learning steps, technique and the correct posture alongside chorography and improvisation. You will also learn about the music, different styles of dance, it's history and culture. No experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a desire to learn how to move your body the Arabian way!
What should I wear?
Simply wear clothes that you feel comfortable dancing in such as a stretchy close fitting top and leggings/loose trousers. Full skirts can be worn but it is better if I can see what you're doing with your legs! In my classes we dance in bare feet or dance shoes. If you have one you can also bring a large scarf or coin belt to tie around your hips.
What my students say!
'As a teacher - patient, skilful, knowledgeable, very encouraging, fun to work with, great at explaining how things should work (even if we can't always do it!)'
'Thanks for a brilliant lesson! Stomach lookin flatter already! Hurrah! X'
'As a teacher, Anna has helped me in my attempts to take my dancing to the next level by drawing my attention to the finer details of the dance; she has an imaginative way of getting things across which really makes sense'
'Class was great last night! Thanks! Felt like I'd had a workout and also felt like I was properly dancing too! '
Please contact me with any enquiries you have about learning to Bellydance and classes.
07707 218199